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Welcome to Queer Wave 2020


At Queer Wave, we believe there is an extraordinary breadth
of LGBTQ+ cinema
that deserves to be discovered.

We aspire to bring audiences in Cyprus some of the best titles from all over the world, many of which they would never have the chance to relish otherwise. Through the transformative power of cinema, we hope to share with you some of the most unique cinematic experiences, promoting a culture of acceptance and solidarity nation-wide.

The pandemic has left people isolated from their communities and has canceled Pride events worldwide. Our aim this year is to offer an opportunity for people to celebrate diversity and togetherness through some of the world’s best award-winning LGBTQ+ titles, with a focus on films that have never been shown in Cyprus before.

Introducing Queer Wave as an online event enables us to promote cultural diversity island-wide and simultaneously for the very first time. In a time of crisis, we are presented with the possibility to engage with a far wider audience than would be possible at a physical festival.

We welcome LGBTQ+ individuals and allies, artists, devoted cinephiles of all ages, and every other open-minded person curious to discover something new. 

We want everyone to enjoy this free, non-profit, online event that aspires to bridge the gaps both within and beyond the LGBTQ+ community, paving a way forward that includes minorities.

Spread the love. It starts with a ripple.