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Queer Wave: Cyprus LGBTQIA+ Film Festival

Queer Wave is the Cyprus LGBTQIA+ Film Festival.

The festival was born through a pilot edition online in 2020, to address the need to experience community during times of isolation.

Its long-term goal is to celebrate, empower, challenge and stimulate – within and beyond queer circles, creating ripples through cinema and the arts.

By the end of its 4th edition in 2023, Queer Wave will have delivered over 150 local premieres of LGBTQIA+ titles from all over the world.

While the majority of its activities take place in Nicosia, Queer Wave has taken up space south and north of the green line, within the buffer zone, and outside the capital, with the aim of bringing communities closer together – one film at a time.

Spread the love. It starts with a ripple.