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Short Films

All films will be available for the duration of the festival (1st until 8th of August 2020) unless explicitly specified.
available in Cyprus (Greek-Cypriot territory) available in Cyprus (island-wide) available worldwide except France, Spain

Greek School Prayer

Two high school students. While seeking their identity, through violence, they will inevitably test each other’s boundaries.
20′ | Greece


A young boy thinks his new goldfish is gay, much to the horror of his conservative father.
14′ | Greece

Self Destructive Boys

Self Destructive Boys is a direct stare into masculine interaction as we follow three boys in their mid-twenties, António, Xavier and Miguel testing the limits of their sexual flexibility. This film is built on an edge: the ambiguity of human relationships. Boys will always be boys.
27′ | Portugal

In Case of Fire

It’s summer in the Portuguese countryside, where the local festivities take place. Chico is haunted by a hate crime committed in his village against a boy who was secretly close to him. Throughout this journey, Chico, pressured by his friends, tries both to follow their social standards and hide his fears and desires.
23′ | Portugal

Sparkling Candles

A young man is preparing himself a sexual gift to his boyfriend to celebrate their 3rd anniversary.
10′ | Greece

The Bite

Between a house in the Atlantic forest and a genetically-modified mosquito factory near São Paulo, a polyamorous, non-binary relationship struggles to survive an epidemic spreading across Brazil. While in the factory millions of mosquitos are born daily inside test tubes, the power dynamics between Helmut, Calixto, and Tao only intensifies. The Bite is a film found somewhere between horror, science fiction and a queer drama.
26′ | Portugal, Brazil
7th – 8th of August

Naked in the Streets at Night

End of summer. This is the last night Cedric spends with Sofiane and his sick father. To ward off the morbidity taking over the house and create a lasting memory, Cedric suggests to go on a night excursion in the neighborhood… in underwear.
21′ | France

Rubber Dolphin

A gay love story set in a one-bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv. They meet, they have sex, they fall in love. Will it last until the morning comes?
28′ | Israel

With the Arrival of Spring

The desolate Icelandic spring awakens complicated feelings between two choir girls.
12′ | Iceland

Acceptable Face

Acceptable Face is an animated discussion about the ‘ideal’ respectable queer person. How would they look, act, and let people know that they’re not “that kind of gay”? Based on a series of interviews with LGBTQ+ people, this experimental charcoal animation explores the pressure to be a ‘good example’, and the joy of refusing to conform.
6′ | United Kingdom
7th – 8th of August

The Distance Between Us and the Sky

Two strangers meet for the first time at an old gas station. One has stopped to gas up his bike, while the other is just stranded. Lacking money to get home, he will try to sell him the distance that separates them from the sky.
9′ | Greece, France


The film is about two German tourists’ adventure in a Georgian village.
22′ | Germany


A chance encounter at a family wedding will force Yana, a closeted young woman, to face her biggest issue – herself.
27′ | Bulgaria


A young Palestinian woman crosses the Israeli border illegally to find her long-lost brother, who she hopes will be her ticket to a new life far from the West Bank. When she discovers the truth behind his exiled existence, her dreams of a happy reunion are shattered, and she must face her next steps alone.
21′ | United Kingdom, Palestine

The Men Who Speak Gayle

Entertainer Nathan Kennedy, who speaks Gayle, the South African cant that flourished during the Apartheid era, meets Louis van Brakel, a much older user of the secret language, and interviews him on stage at the Showroom, Prince Albert.
11′ | United Kingdom, South Africa